August 28, 2012

Prompts & Topics for Your LifeStory

Check out this new resource from our friend and lifestory expert, Ian Kath.  It's one of the most inspirational and practical guides you'll ever need to help you capture and record lifestories!

Prompts & Topics for Your LifeStory

"A LifeStory, memoir, biography or autobiography is agreed by everyone as a great idea but a moment later when someone starts to make it happen they’re challenged with where to start and, “What would I talk about?”

"I constantly hear requests for Prompts and Topics on  the survey associated to the download of your free copy of Recording Life Stories, so I’ve created a new approach to an old problem.

"The traditional method of long lists of questions to prompt the conversations was both boring and generic and simply didn’t work. It missed the personal and didn’t promote the real passions someone has in their life. Over the years I had been using a different method when I connected with people which I knew had real power but I had to get it across in a way for you to understand."

Click here to listen to Ian discussing his new book.