February 27, 2012

New Life Story Minute: In Between Edinboro and Aberdeen

Life Story Minute: In Between Edinboro and Aberdeen: Scott and his brother were born in the United States, but they grew up in Dundee, Scotland. Listen above or at the Internet Archive...

February 25, 2012

New Podcast: Audio Snapshots of Your Life Story

New from our friend Ian Kath at Create Your Life Story:

Episode 67 : Audio Snapshots of Your Life Story
Listen to the podcast here.

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But what about the actual audio?

Click here to read Ian's new post on his website, Create Your Life Story.com

Be sure to check out Ian Kath mentioned on BBC (February 21, 2012, around 18:50 min).

February 20, 2012

New Life Story Minute: The Good in People

Life Story Minute: The Good in People

For better or worse, we teach our children well. They actually pay close attention to what we do and say--especially when it comes t...

February 17, 2012

Your Story: Electric One Man Band

New from our friend Ian Kath at Your Story: Audio Stories of Interesting Lives

Episode 66 : Rainer. Electronic One Man Band on an Acoustic Guitar

One Guitar for a DJ Mix Party
Robin Sukroso
At a recent Betahaus event in Berlin, the Awesome Foundationawarded 1000€ to innovative musician Robin Sukroso, aka. Rainer, to help further the development of his one man band guitar modification. 

Taking the idea of percussive and traditional guitar playing, using the instrument as an input for a midi device, means that virtually any synthesized instrument can be played, looped and feed back into the mix all while performing in the best of the techno clubs here in Berlin.

Click here to read and hear Robin's story.

Check out Ian Kath's other site, Create Your Life Story--the world's best online guide for getting your own life stories recorded.

February 12, 2012

New Life Story Minute: Paul's Harmonica

Life Story Minute: Paul's Harmonica

As a young boy during the Depression, Paul taught himself how to play the harmonica by listening to the radio. That was seventy-three ...

February 11, 2012

Love Stories from StoryCorps

We absolutely love StoryCorps, and we owe a debt of gratitutde to Dave Isay for his pioneering efforts in showingi us how to preserve, share, and celebrate our life stories.  He and StoryCorps have inspired us throughout our humble beginings. --Kevin Farkas, founder and director of The Social Voice Project.

From NPR:
February 11, 2012

Dave Isay begins his new book with a quote from co-worker Lillie Love, whose name resonates deeply with his latest project. Shortly before she died in 2010, Love said, "Love is all there is ... When you take your last breath, you remember the people you love, how much love you inspired and how much love you gave."

Love worked with Isay at the Atlanta office of his StoryCorps project. In the organization's new book, All There Is: Love Stories From StoryCorps, everyday people narrate their personal experiences with love.

"One theme that keeps coming up is that no one should ever, ever give up hope on love," say tells NPR's Scott Simon. "It seems like it's not in the cards for people, and then it just sneaks up behind you and there it is."

Paul Wilson and his daughter Marty Smith visited StoryCorps in Wichita, Kan. Listen To The Full Story Of How Wilson Met The Love Of His Life
Paul Wilson and his daughter Marty Smith visited StoryCorps in Wichita, Kan. Listen To The Full Story Of How Wilson Met The Love Of His LifeIn one interview, 93-year-old Paul Wilson tells his daughter, Marty Smith, how he met her mother. "One day I was waiting in the lobby for the elevator, the door slid aside, and there she stood: the prettiest girl I had ever seen," Wilson recalls.

To read more and listen to the NPR interview with Dave Isay, click here.

February 10, 2012

Audio Notes From Berlin

This is what Ian saw in Berlin
just a few hours ago.
OK, you have to put this into perspective.  Not too long ago--in my lifetime, in fact--this was not possible.  The Internet did not exist, neither did the iPhone.  So, the audio "report" you can hear below from Ian Kath's adventures in Berlin is actually quite remarkable.  Instant global communication...the likes we've never seen before in the history of human kind. 

The point is that Ian's experiences in Europe can easily be conveyed through the wondrous technology of the Internet.  He's using a service called Audioboo to record his thoughts into his iPhone, and then he can broadcast his recording to...well, just about anyone in the world with an Internet connection.   

I get Ian's audio vignettes through Facebook.  Others might get it through his Twitter feed.  Wherever--and whenever--Ian wants to make a personal audio broadcast he simply talks into his iPhone using Audioboo and his voice is instantly available on the web.  Pretty cool, don't you think?   

Take a listen...and really think about how this powerful technology can be used to narrate and broadcast your own thoughts, experiences--your life stories.  Remember, it's never been easier for us to record, preserve, and share our stories with others.  Well, not just "others"--but the world!

PS: The last time I tried to send a message from Euorpe I was standing in the pouring rain at a public telephone booth and feeding handfulls of coins into a metallic static contraption.       

NOTE: Be sure to check out Ian Kath's incredible life story resources at CreateYourLifeStory.com--the world's leading life story guide on the web. 

February 9, 2012

Main Street's Social Voices

“Look up,” is Susan Foley’s advice for appreciating the architecture of the historic buildings on Main Street in downtown Louisville. “At street level you are looking at store fronts or the fronts of offices,” she says, “so you really do not see the original architecture of the buildings. It is best to look up and then down the street to get the full effect of wonderful architectural details.”

The long time history teacher, occasional downtown tour guide, and coordinator for the Main Street Oral History Project has a passion for the buildings in this particular part of the city and the stories and lives they have housed inside their walls.

From 2004 to 2008 she conducted seventy-one interviews with people who have intimate knowledge of the historic buildings downtown. Her journey to the homes of the grandchildren of Main Street business owners, to executive offices and occasionally to the buildings themselves to gather these stories, not only captured an inordinate amount of history about the architecture of the city, but wove an oral tapestry of the social history that illustrates more than just iron facades and cornice stones.

The Main Street Oral History Project was started by the Main Street Association in 2004 at the National Historic Preservation Conference. During the convention volunteers, including Foley, recorded 23 thirty-minute interviews with people associated with Main Street’s history. The results were very engaging, but it was clear that the well of information ran much deeper than what could be covered in a mere thirty minutes. The board green-lighted a more in-depth project and Foley was hired on as a contract employee to conduct the full-length interviews.

To read the whole article at The Paper, click here.

February 4, 2012

A Love Story Becomes a Life Story

Kristin Anderson was dying of cancer.  He knew that after his death his wife Rachel would carry on without him.  Those who remain must carry on.  But Kristin wanted to leave behind a special memory before the inevitable time came, something that would truly express how much his wife meant to him--and always would. 

This is Kristin's love story and birthday gift to Rachel, recorded and presented to her while he still had time.  Kristin passed away on January 2, 2012. 

This powerful video, which includes appearances by the New Zealand prime minister and actor Hugh Jackman, is an example of how we can record a life story as a final testiment to what matters most in our lives.  If we do not tell our stories now--to speak from our hearts, like Kristin did--we may never again have the chance.    

We can help.  Please contact us to learn more about recording your own life (and love) story.