March 15, 2012

New Full Length Audio Stories

The Social Voice Project has just released two new Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh audio stories in their full length versions.

Every veteran's story is preserved in its entirety for historical and archival purposes.  An edited version is then made public with the permission of each veteran so that current and future generations can learn from these eyewitnesses to history.  

The interviews below were produced as part of the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh transmedia oral history initiative and recorded at the Father Ryan Arts Center, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, January 27, 2012. Interviewer: Dr. Todd DePastino.

Howard Pfeifer of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania talks about his experiences as a Quartermaster in the United States Merchant Marine Service during WWII, including trips to arctic Soviet Russia, Australia, Iran, and Iraq. He was the last to crew the SS Exford, an American cargo steamer that was scuttled on 26 August 1944 as a breakwater or blockship at Gooseberry position No.2 Omaha Beach, Normandy.

Howard Pfeifer, United States Maritime Marine Service, WWII
(Andy Marchese Photography)

Thomas Wiley of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania talks about his experiences as a B-17 pilot in the United States Army Air Corps during WWII, including raids against some of the most heavily fortified Allied targets in Europe.
Tom Wiley, US Army Air Corps, WWII
(Andy marchese photography)


Let's thank our veterans by giving them a chance
to tell their stories for future generations. 

We can't do this alone.  We need volunteers and support to capture, preserve, and share the stories of Pittsburgh area veterans (including all of southwestern PA).  Your support to the nonprofit Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh transmedia oral history initiative may be tax deductible.

To help, contact: Todd DePastino at or call 412-623-9029.  To make a secure online donation by credit card, please click here
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March 7, 2012

Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Tuskegee Airman Wendell Freeland

Mr. Freeland holds the Tuskegee Airmen Medal of Honor
bestowed by Congress and President Bush.
Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Tuskegee Airman Wendell Freeland: On march 5, 2011, the Veteran Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh transmedia oral history project captured the stories of WWII veteran Wendell Freeland.

Read the blog post and to view more photographs by VVoP associate photographer Andy Marchese.

The Social Voices Project is a founding partner of the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh transmedia oral history initiative.

March 1, 2012

Ed's Story

If you found out that you were dying, what would you do with the time you have left?  How would you write (and read) the last chapter of your life?

Ed's Story is our story. Diagnosed with ALS and given a short time to live, Ed wrestles with issues suffering raises: worry, identity, forgiveness, gratitude, and healing. Emerging from it all is his discovery that there is always hope.

In It Ain't Over, the first film in the Ed's Story series, Ed Dobson reminds us that life isn't over yet and that we don't have to feel overwhelmed by the struggles we're facing today. Difficult news can sometimes make us feel like our lives are over. Ed shows us that we don't know the future, and that things may turn out quite differently from what we expect.

Ed Dobson is pastor emeritus of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and serves as a consulting editor for Leadership magazine. He holds an earned doctorate from the University of Virginia, and is author of numerous books, including The Year of Living Like Jesus and Prayers and Promises When Facing a Life-Threatening Illness. He moved to the United States from Northern Ireland in 1964 and now lives with his family in Grand Rapids.

Please visit Ed's Story website for more about Ed Dobson, the film series, and to learn how you can help complete the film series.