Audiography is to sound as photography is to light.

Audiography is the use of audio recording equipment and techniques to capture, edit, preserve and distribute a variety of sounds, such as soundscapes, life stories, oral histories, family tales, or creative audio works such as documentaries, etc.  

It encompasses a wide range of sound recording contexts, from commercial or entertainment activities to radio journalism to personal audio diaries. TSVP's focus is on quality audio.  That's why we use professional-level audiographic equipment. 

Our fully digital recorders are specifically designed for mobility and field recording, as well as studio-grade performance.  Our standard recording quality meets industry CD standards (44.1kHz, 16 bit), but we are also able to record in HD (high-definition up to 96kHZ, 32 bit) where fidelity is required. 

We use a combination of Zoom Audio and MXL voice specific condenser mics, as well as industry standard Sure dynamic microphones during our recordings. 

Additionally, our field recording process can include on-site multi-tacking (each microphone dedicated to its own track).  And for safe measure, we always record a backup track using a dedicated recorder. 

Post production editing and mastering take place using a variety of industry standard voice specific software by Lexicon, Steinberg, and Audacity.    

Depending on your needs, digital audio files can be rendered on optical disc (CDs/DVD), turned into podcasts, or used with other applications such as website media players, iPods, and other digital audio platforms.  Our recording projects are available in a variety of formats, such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, GSM, Ogg Vorbis, or AC3.  Archival recordings can be mastered on special 100-Year Delkin Archival Gold optical disks. 

Depending on your project, we can edit your project in a variety of ways for quality (e.g., compression, noise gating, equalization, reverberation) and we can edit for artistic effect (e.g., musical scoring, sound effects, over dubbing, etc.).

It is always our policy to provide you with a complete, unedited version of your recording (which is often desirable for academic or historical purposes).